Posted by: linaduong | August 29, 2012

Heat Wave

The last two weeks in Vancouver has been pretty hot, although not really a scorcher. Most of the days have been in the mid to high 20s. We decided that it would be a good idea to take advantage of this great weather.

Splashdown Park:


We planned to go to Splashdown on a Sunday because we had a Groupon for a family admission. Unfortunately, the fine print said “valid Monday – Thursday”. Thus, the family outing was delayed one day. It worked out well because Splashdown was less busy — shorter lineups and premium grass for the suntent. At first I was skeptical of the suntent, but it was handy in providing shade and a safe area for the babies.


White Rock Beach:

The Sekimotos went to the beach, while we went shopping. Ahh… Air conditioning on a hot summer day. We met up with them later where we made two discoveries. Firstly, Reina is a cracker monster. She can single handedly finish a large bag of popcorn. Here is proof:


Secondly, Masayuki’s kryptonite is GRASS! It gives him the heebie jeebies. It was funny to watch his adverse first interaction with grass.



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