Posted by: linaduong | February 28, 2016

5 years after 10-04

anniversary photoshoots.pages

Posted by: linaduong | November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Booooo. 8bit ghosts looking for some trouble. Where’s Pacman?

IMG_1136 IMG_1125IMG_1135-1

Posted by: linaduong | October 24, 2015

Anniversary 2015

Another year, another photo shoot. Love capturing these moments!

UBC 2015-34UBC 2015-154UBC 2015-159

Posted by: linaduong | November 10, 2014

Anniversary 2014

Five years since our wedding and our family has doubled in size. Our two boys are little stars, full of light and energy. I think they took better pictures than Ryoh and I this year.




Posted by: linaduong | November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

When we asked Masayuki what he wanted to be for Halloween, he responded, “I be Boxtroll.” Really?! A character from a new movie trailer that he recently watched. BTW he has not seen the full movie. Needless to say, this was not a costume we could buy at the store. After a bit of cardboard engineering, we completed this…


He turned out to be a cute Boxtroll. The bandages would have added to the look, but he didn’t like the texture. We hope Masayuki never loses his quirkiness.

Posted by: linaduong | August 18, 2014

Hello from down here

Hikaru is now 4 months old. His development is progressing on schedule. He is able to roll over with ease as well as observe the world from the Bumbo seat. His super saiyan hair is crazy cute. It stands up naturally all day and night.



Posted by: linaduong | April 26, 2014

Hikaru Hao Aihara

We welcomed our second son to the world on April 6th — Hikaru Hao Aihara. He was a tiny 6lb 5oz at birth. He is gradually gaining weight and looking more like his big brother each day.

IMG_9169  IMG_9162



Posted by: linaduong | March 26, 2014

Exploring Vancouver

Over the past two months, I have been travelling frequently for work to Vancouver. Luckily, Ryoh and Masayuki were able to join me on these sojourns. Masayuki spent his days exploring the city, up close and personal. He even took a short nap on some stairs.IMG_9065


Posted by: linaduong | February 3, 2014

Getting ready for baby #2

As I enter the 3rd trimester, we prepare for the arrival of our new baby boy by buying the essentials — starting with a new carseat. We chose the Clek Foonf for its cool design and safety features. However, we need to swap the carseats for awhile because the Foonf is only suited for babies at least 6-months old. Our current Radian RX can accommodate newborns.

Masayuki seems quite comfortable in the Foonf. He might end up claiming it as his own, even when his brother turns 6-months. We shall see…


Posted by: ryoh | October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

To prepare for Halloween, we took Masayuki to the pumpkin patch. He is such a city boy that he stumbled in the field and thought the pumpkins were balls. He learned quickly that they are big and heavy, so don’t roll easily. Inspired by the pumpkin patch, Masayuki dressed up as a farmer for Halloween.




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